Friday, 19 2019 5:30 pm - 10:59 pm
VIP Function Room @ All Star Lanes Brick Lane, 95 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE: Purchase your tickets in advance here for only £10.50: -- only 120 tickets available!

London Lads are delighted to invite you to our special Big Friday Bowling Party event at All Star Lanes BRICK LANE! We exclusively take over the VIP Function Room, which caters for up to 120 people. We will have unlimited use of the bowling lanes until midnight, a pride playlist on, 20% off all food and an happy hour extension until 8pm just for us!

Join us for a bowling party like you've never seen before - bowling, banter and beers with other great people! And our deal gives you a truly massive discount off the usual All Star Lanes price!

The bowling venue is located at Brick Lane, which is a beautiful boutique bowling venue in Zone 1 and is close to several stations - Shoreditch High Street, Liverpool Street, Aldgate & Aldgate East. 

You will get to sign up for as many games as you wish to, but to make it fair and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to play, you can only sign up for another game one you have completed the game you are currently playing. It will be a fun night of bowling with loads of other friendly gay and LGBT+ people in an attitude-free and clique-free group. Lanes can cater for up to a maximum of seven people.

It will be a great opportunity to socialise, have fun and make some new friends!

All Star Lanes provide a premium experience of tenpin bowling. The venue is beautifully decorated and has state-of-the-art bowling equipment of the finest quality.


Arrivals from 6.30pm. Bowling can commence as soon as we want after that.

The cost is £10.50 paid in advance here: -- 120 tickets available! 


If you're new, then you are very welcome to come along and join! Just RSVP and find us in the venue on the night and you'll receive a warm welcome!

Your bowling ability, or lack of it, is not something to be embarrassed about when joining us, as we mainly play for fun, to have a laugh and to be social.


...ON YOUR OWN: Don't be worried about coming along on your own. You won't be left feeling like billy-no-mates! We will make sure you're in a lane with with other guys who, like you, found the courage to come along unaccompanied and join in the fun.

...WITH A MATE OR TWO: Grab a mate or two and bring them along for a great night out. We can make sure you are put in a lane together. Simply let us know on the night that you are together when you are handing in your sign-up sheets.

...AS AS GROUP: Come along with a bunch of friends and all bowl together in the same lane. We place up to 7 people per lane, and can give you a neighbouring lane if you have a bigger group. Either order all your tickets together or arrive at 7pm on the night and let us know who is in your group, so we can allocate you all together in the same lane.

We ask that you still socialise with the rest of the wider group. This is especially important if you have people who are in the same lane as you that you did not come along with.


The cost is £10.50 in advance here: -- 120 tickets available! 


No, but you will still need to buy a ticket for the event.


PLEASE NOTE: Purchase your tickets in advance here for only £10.50: -- only 120 tickets available! 

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